Earth and Environmental Sciences

Vol 3: Environmental Disaster Management

Vol 3: Environmental Disaster Management

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This book describes the increasing frequency and intensity of natural and man-made disasters in the world, and these disasters have devastating effects on the environment. It discusses changes in land use and land cover that have eroded the natural buffer zone that protects communities from harm. Disasters are described as emergencies caused by natural risks or man-made actions, leading to major changes in the situation in a relatively short period of time. Common examples are displacement, disease, death, and crop loss. The book mentions that disasters may vary in cause, scope, interval, and necessary intervention measures. The author also claims that the socioeconomic structure of a society remains to be a key determinant of a population's vulnerability to disasters.

Vierah Hulley obtained her Ph.D. degree in Geohydrology from the University of the Free State, South Africa, in 2013. Her expertise is in Environmental and Earth Sciences and she has an extensive vocational background in the areas of natural resources management, environmental geochemistry, contaminated site remediation, sustainable development, and spatial analytics. She is the founder and Managing Director of HL Nexus: The Data Imaginarium; a company dedicated to optimizing natural resources management with data science.