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Encyclopedia Of Environmental Management (Set Of 5 Volumes)

Encyclopedia Of Environmental Management (Set Of 5 Volumes)

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This encyclopedia discusses environmental management as the "management of relations and impact of manmade activities on nature". It mentions that the goal of environmental management is to guarantee that ecological solutions and biodiversity are safeguarded and maintained for future generations to use, and to maintain the integrity of the ecosystem by taking into account ethical, economic and research (ecological) variables. The encyclopedia attempts to define factors related to the conflicts which may arise between meeting demands and safeguarding the environment. It discusses concrete decisions and actions regarding policies and practices on how to evaluate, protect, allocate, develop, use, repair, remediate, and restore resources and the environment. As knowledge on environmental matters continues to evolve, most of the environmental management practices mentioned in this encyclopedia emphasize on the integration of society and ecosystem. The main environmental management points discussed are as follows: a) Identification: through community complaints/concerns, experts identify a certain environmental issue b) Evaluation: Checking with relevant government sectors (province and national) to determine the severity of the problem; c) Control: The issue is called to offenders/polluters attention and individuals/companies who are told to stop illegal activities and solve problems or concerns including rehabilitation of the area. The encyclopedia also highlights self-monitoring systems for compliance with environmental protocols.

Vierah Hulley obtained her Ph.D. degree in Geohydrology from the University of the Free State, South Africa, in 2013. Her expertise is in Environmental and Earth Sciences and she has an extensive vocational background in the areas of natural resources management, environmental geochemistry, contaminated site remediation, sustainable development, and spatial analytics. She is the founder and Managing Director of HL Nexus: The Data Imaginarium; a company dedicated to optimizing natural resources management with data science.