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Turf Grass and Lawn management

Turf Grass and Lawn management

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There is prestige in a well-manicured landscape. Apart from the prestige well established and maintained lawns act as green spaces that have societal, economic, health and economic benefits. This book guides the audience on some creative ideas of lawns, the grass and grass alternatives to use, and machinery to use in lawn establishment and maintenance. The book also describes in detail how and when to establish a healthy lawn. The book also goes further and explains how to establish artificial lawn. This book also acts as guide in maintenance of newly established lawns, old lawns, and artificial lawns. The book gives the audience a list common lawn pest, diseases, and weeds and how to identify and treat or prevent them biologically, chemically, and culturally. A poorly managed or established turf or lawn presents a big risk as compared to advantages. Therefore, a good plan is very critical before establishing both artificial or natural lawn.

Nekesah T. Wafullah is a skilled agriculture expert with extensive knowledge in agricultural energy value addition products, agricultural business management services, project management, various forms of fertilizer, their production, sales, marketing aspects and application regimes; cross border fertilizer trade policies; youth and women empowerment and volunteerism. She is adept at project planning and management as well as creating simple solutions to complex problems. She has experience within agricultural markets in Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)- Bukavu and Lubumbashi and Uganda. She mentors high school and college students and advocates for better performance in Agricultural science. During her free time, she loves editing books, watching movies, cooking, baking, networking, reading, and dancing. Nekesah holds an M Sc. In Agricultural and Applied Economics degree from the University of Nairobi with a major in International Trade and Policy.

Kuria C. Muene is an agriculture graduate with a masters degree in Agricultural and applied economics. He has extensive knowledge in agricultural research, policy analysis, supply chains, project management and crop management. He has experience in the use of data analysis tools that led to high-quality inferences for the betterment of the agriculture sector. He is an avid reader and an outdoor sports enthusiast in his spare time.