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Handbook of Minor Fruits, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Handbook of Minor Fruits, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

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Fruits are an essential part of our diet. Minor fruits are referred to as the fruits that have been domesticated, have high value but are not grown widely. This book consists of ten chapters on various fruits and medicinal and aromatic plants. Each chapter consists of an introduction to fruits and medicinal plants. Give a brief explanation about the nutritional value, processing of minor fruits. This book also covers medicinal plants along with their medicinal value. It also gives information about the history of aromatic and medicinal plant. This book, which contains thousands of references and colorful photographs stands as unique of its own. Undergraduate, graduate students researchers, horticulturists, agricultural research scientists, fruit growers and Consumers across the world will find this book very informative as well as practical.

Dr. Esha Rami, is presently working as Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Biotechnology, Parul Institute of Applied Science, Parul University, India. She Did her Post graduated and PhD in Biotechnology from Ganpat University. She has authored a number of national and international publications.