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Handbook of In Vitro Fertilization

Handbook of In Vitro Fertilization

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This book contains a description of the current and developing diagnostic and treatment techniques and technologies comprising in vitro fertilization (IVF). Arranged confined in sections, each chapter covers a key topic in IVF in a sensible presentation. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a complex series of procedures, the most common form of assisted reproductive technology and is used in the management of patients with difficulty undergoing conception. The sections that follow provide detailed descriptions of the History of IVF, why is IVF, Pre IVF evaluation, evaluation of infertility in men, Factors affecting IVF success, Methods which are used in IVF, Complications associated with, Ethical issues regarding IVF, It's cost and what is the future?. Each book chapter is strong enough to stand alone if readers decide to pick and choose among the topics of interest related to IVF. This book guides readers through every step of human-assisted conception, from patient pre-treatment to monitoring of outcomes also provides an excellent resource for physicians, fellows, IVF nurses, and laboratory personnel.

Dr. Esha Rami, is presently working as Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Biotechnology, Parul Institute of Applied Science, Parul University, India. She Did her Post graduated and PhD in Biotechnology from Ganpat University. She has authored a number of national and international publications.