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Geocryology considers various aspects of Geocryology including an extensive historical overview of Geocryology and related issues. It includes definitions and characterstics of the basic factors of the environment, frozen ground and the process of frost action. Provides the reader with insights into the development of its history, so as to understand the complex issues like Cryosuction and thermokarst in a way so that readers can learn from them in an easy way and can draw some useful insights.

Solange Uwera, M.Sc in Geographical Information Science from The University of Manchester is a young scientist with passion in research, a writer by occasion and she takes pride in educating the community through writing on every occasion. Most recently, her work landed her a position of writing, where she authors books on physical geography and environment. In the universe, everything is related to everything else and near things are more related than distant things and this is a powerful concept she has been exploring and writing about. Solange has experience in environmental monitoring, urban green infrastructure, rural development, environmental education and physical geography research.